Roofing = Our Specialty

Roofs are no longer merely the set it and forget it type of project. Today, the roof is an integrated component of a complex building envelope system that provides an energy efficient, waterproof envelope. The roof is truly an investment. We offer our clients a number of contracting services and many specialties such as commercial roofs, ranging from repair to installation.

The Flat Roof Solution

Our flexible roof membrane is easily prefabricated into deck sheets up to 2,500 square feet in size, as well as custom-made parapet, stack, and curbs flashings that eliminate most labor from critical roof areas – transitions and changes of plane. Prefabrication provides building owners peace-of-mind regarding the watertight security of the roof installation.


  • Custom Pre-Fabrication – Let us create a roof that fits your building
  • Heat Welded Seams and Curbs – Eliminates roof leaks at all obvious points
  • Membrane only reaches 7 degrees warmer that the air temperature – Reduces energy costs
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – Saves time, money and hassle
  • Installed Without Disruption – Business continues as normal
  • Backed by Industry’s Best Warranty – Peace of Mind

The Metal Roof Solution

With over 6 profiles and more than 30 metal colors and finishes, a metal roof is sure to enhance the appearance of any sloped roof design. Many of the panels can help contribute to LEED credits, are Energy Star rated and are manufacturers with post-consumer material.

Does your existing R panel need repaired or replaced? We have a fast, economical option for you to be able to cover your roof with another through-fastened panel. There are many color options as well as long term warranties available.

Have Your Roof Properly Serviced

It’s financially beneficial to inspect your roof twice a year. Repairs, patches, general maintenance, debris removal, gutter cleaning and drain clearing can go a long way. Let us help you; we offer the services you need for the job you require.

Our Roofing Services Include:
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Overlay
  • Replacement
  • Repair
  • Coating

Roofing Systems
  • Single Ply
  • Standard Metal Seamed Roofing
  • Through Fastened Metal Roofing
  • Shingles


The Solution: Kelco Builders designed and constructed a holding wall that would meet the needs for the volume of the liquids contained within the tanks. They then choose to line entire area with Duro-Last Roofing membrane.

Why choose Duro-Last, a PVC roofing material as the ultimate layer of protection? Simple. Duro-Last is durable, puncture resistant, and most importantly heat welded. The heat welding plays a significant part because it creates one monolithic layer which allows for full protection. In this particular project there was no substrate to adhere to, or to mechanically fasten to, therefore the ballasted rock was put in place.

Our history, experience and capabilities can give you confidence to know that we can rise to the challenge.